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Sarah Valentina

... and suddenly everything happens in the home office. Since the beginning of the pandemic, employees, employers, self-employed and pretty much all other office workers have moved to the home office - because contacts should and must be avoided. Even if a vaccine gives hope, Corona has likely changed the world of work forever. Meetings take place online and daily events can be edited on the home laptop. Only the working hours haven't changed fundamentally - you still spend a good 8 hours in the office. For a while, working at the kitchen table will certainly work well, but in the long run the work should not extend too much into the private sector. Because who likes to sit with the office at dinner, especially since many working people also have to do homeschooling for their children.


The tough moderator Sarah Valenina It was like many other Germans who moved to the home office, the circumstances were not ideal. Hence, she has to work for her office looked around.


Your conclusion:

“I'm currently sinking into work in my home office. Since I've only recently moved, my home office is not yet set up as I would have imagined. Basically, I just threw up all the furniture I found and didn't really think much about the furnishings. But I think that well-being promotes concentration and productivity enormously. I recently got up encountered what kind of "Shop the home office look"offers. I didn't even know beforehand that I needed one Wall secretary need! ”, says Sarah.

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 To the Wall secretaries.


Short biography of Sarah Valentina

Sarah Valentina grew up in Italy and Germany as the daughter of an Italian professor and a real Rhinelander. She studied business administration and cultural economy in Passau and Bologna and after completing her studies began an editorial traineeship at ZDF. As part of this, she came to the live news channel Phoenix where she was editor and youngest political presenter in Germany until 2010 for the program "Vor Ort" until she gained her first experience in the field of sports journalism on the comedy soccer program "Süper WM Stüdyo" for ZDF Neo did as a presenter and author. In 2013 Sky Italia became aware of Sarah Valentina. After an Italian-wide casting, Sarah Valentina became the new face of the Formula One channel Sky Sport F1 HD. From then on, she reported live from the world's race tracks in three languages for 30 hours per race weekend in her programs “Paddock Live” and “Paddock Live Show”. From 2014 to 2016, Sarah Valentina was in Germany, in addition to her cinema show 'Making Of', with a look behind the scenes of the Hollywood films, to be seen increasingly live on the news from Sky Sport News HD and reported on the exclusive Formula 1 Grand Prix Since April 2016, Sarah has been reporting live exclusively on Sport1 from five racing series: Porsche Carrera Cup, GT Masters, GT4, F4 and TCR Germany. In 2019 she reported live from the German Comedy Prize and has since then moderated the late night talk "Dinner Party" on Sat1 with great success, where she speaks to your guests in an intimate atmosphere. So far guests have been Hugo Egon Balder, Simon Gosejohann, Regina Halmich, Gregor Gysi, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Dr. Leon Windscheid, Tom Gerhardt. In 2021 Sarah Valentina will now launch her own podcast with guests from the media, business, politics and much more.