Tax-free corona bonus extended until June 2021


The motivational kick for the home office: Bonus tax-free until June 2021


Have you noticed that in your company over the past few months? During Corona in particular, it was extremely important that all employees, colleagues and employers adapt flexibly to the new situation. Suddenly, home office was the new working standard. And that will probably continue to exist even after Corona. However, this new way of working also has financial implications for everyone who works from home. Whether it's energy costs, internet tariffs or new furniture for the office at home: home office costs. Wouldn't it be nice if you as an employee receive a bonus that compensates for that a bit? Politicians have also recognized this and introduced a tax-free corona special payment last year. Originally, employers were able to pay a tax-free bonus of up to € 1,500 to each employee by December 31, 2020. Now there is good news for anyone who missed this last year: the deadline has been extended to June 2021.


Employers and employees: both sides benefit


If you as an employee give a lot for your company, get involved, think for yourself and sometimes go the extra mile, you want to be valued for it. At the same time, we know from many studies that a lack of recognition in the job is cited as the most common reason for dismissal. Right now - in times of corona, lockdown and home office, in which you as an employee not only have to balance your job at home, but often also household and children, a tax-free cash injection or a gift for the home office would certainly not come in an inconvenient way.

As an employer, you also benefit from a special payment: Your motivated employees are the guarantee for the success of your company. A cash bonus or a gift worth up to € 1,500 will make you happy and motivating.

Incidentally, the special corona payments are not only exempt from tax, but also remain free of social security contributions. Make sure that these special payments must also be recorded in the payroll account.


Corona special payment: pay out money or provide benefits in kind?


As an employer, would you like to grant your employees a corona bonus? Then the question remains: is there money or a gift? You are of course completely free in this decision, as long as the value does not exceed € 1,500. Nevertheless, there are reasons for a bonus in the form of a payout - but also for benefits in kind. In general, if your employees were increasingly challenged at work during Corona, we recommend a cash bonus as a special payment. The reason: Your employees continue to go to work under difficult conditions. You often have to wear a mask all day. You do not work from home and have no use for office furnishings or other gifts. With a free cash bonus you are on the safe side here. Classic professions here are care professions, commercial professions in retail, craft businesses or manufacturing companies, where the production lines were not allowed to stand still even during Corona.

It looks different in classic office jobs: If your employees have been in the home office for a long time due to Corona, they have also developed new needs: The old one Office chairl may not be ergonomic that writing desk not suitable for home office or the technology is outdated. As an employer, you can score points here with beautiful furnishings, a tablet for mobile work or a headset for the next business meeting. Often you don't have to exhaust the € 1,500, because the focus here is on the idea and the benefit. By the way, the classic one offers you a middle ground Voucher: It is more personal than money and your employees can freely decide what they want in return.


More recognition = more productivity

 Especially for corporate customers, we not only offer perfect and, above all, exclusive solutions for productive work in the home office in our shop, but also packages tailored to your needs. Whether vouchers as recognition for your employees or a tailor-made offer for a good atmosphere in the home office: feel free to contact us and tell us your wishes. For B2B and corporate customers, we also offer a 15% discount on all orders.

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On the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance you can find further information on the tax-free special payments until June 2021: