The perfect workplace in the home office

The perfect workplace: this is how you set up your home office

At the beginning of Corona, most still thought that this condition would only last for a short time. By now we all know: Home office and mobile work will continue to be an integral part of our working world in the future. So we have to be prepared for the fact that we need longer-term solutions for working from home that enable us to work productively and at the same time do not harm our health. Here are our tips on how to design your home office perfectly.

 The right technology in the home office

We certainly don't have to explain to you that you also need a good internet connection at home. But what if your workstation is too far away from the router and the signal is too weak? With a repeater, you can easily increase the range of your WiFi network by plugging it into the socket at a suitable point (half the distance between the router and your workplace). You can get a repeater from around € 30. If you have to make a lot of calls from your home office, we recommend that you request an additional telephone number. So you can differentiate between private and business calls and more easily break down your telephone costs at the tax office.

 Ergonomics in the home office: Posture is everything


When the technology is up and running, it's time for the furniture. Especially if you mainly work sitting down, you should observe certain ergonomic standards here. Your desk chair should offer you enough adjustment options so that you can adjust it perfectly to your body measurements. Your desk should also suit you. If you are particularly tall or small, we recommend a desk that you can adjust in height. Standing desks are also becoming increasingly popular. So you can spend part of your working day upright while protecting your back.

 Height, sitting position, work surface: a question of attitude

There are guidelines for ergonomics in the workplace that should help you to work healthily at home.
The desk: Make sure that your writing desk is high enough. Depending on your height, it should be between 60 and 80 cm high. For example, if you are 1.80 m tall, 77 cm is perfect. If you are unsure here there is a calculator with which you can calculate the perfect height of your desk and office chair.

The desk chair: The seat height of your Office chair should be about the height of the hollow of your knees. When you lean back, there should still be at least two fingers of space from the front edge of the desk chair to the back of your knees. If your chair has an armrest, it should be set at elbow height. The following applies to the backrest: The curve should be approximately at belt height.

The study: The place where you work shouldn't be too warm or too cold. 20 to 22 degrees are ideal. Daylight is beneficial for productive work. Make sure that your view of the screen is parallel to the window. In this way you create the best lighting conditions and protect your eyes.

The screen: Place your screen at least an arm's length away from you. If the screen is too close, you cramp up, which can lead to tension. The height of your monitor should also be adjusted so that your head is tilted slightly downwards when looking at it.


There is strength in the break

So you've set up your home office perfectly? Then nothing stands in the way of your productivity. Just remember to take regular breaks at home too. If you have enough space in your study, we recommend that you place a comfortable armchair or something similar where you can switch off from the stress of work. By the way: In our online shop you will find everything you need for your perfect work in the home office.