Work-life balance in the home office


Satisfied and productive in the home office - 7 tips for a work-life balance


Work-life balance: a word that everyone knows, but many cannot put into practice in their own lives. Especially since many of us have been working from home, a good work-life balance seems more difficult than ever. If your own home is also the office at the same time, you need strategies to still create a separation between private and professional. We'll show you with our tips how you can best achieve this.


  1. Start the day with a morning routine


You probably know the saying: “Humans are creatures of habit.” This also applies to the home office. Therefore, you should also maintain routines here that you carry out every morning. Take 30 minutes to have breakfast or drink your favorite coffee. Go for a walk in the morning or do your fitness exercises. Everyone has different rituals to start the day - the only thing that matters is that you find your own.


  1. Wear proper clothing


It sounds banal, but it makes a big difference: If you sit at the computer in your pajamas, the work day feels kind of weird and you won't be as productive either. Whether Karl Lagerfeld was right when he said: “Anyone who wears jogging pants has lost control of their life” is another matter. Nevertheless, you should "appear" in the home office as you would in the office. You will notice a difference - and your colleagues will thank you when they see you in the online meeting.


  1. Separate work and personal devices


Sure, it comes in handy when you can also check your work emails from your private smartphone. However, you also put yourself under pressure - especially if your colleague sends you an email after work. It would have time until tomorrow, but while you're at it, you'll answer it briefly. So you put yourself under pressure and you find it harder to separate work and free time. Therefore: Separate professional and private devices. If this is not possible for you, you should at least turn off the notifications for work e-mails and messenger services after work.


  1. Create a home office that separates private and work from one another


Not everyone has the space for their own study in the home office. Nevertheless, you should create an area that is reserved exclusively for work. Nowadays there are numerous compact solutions that give you the feeling of having a real workplace and that still require little space. You should set up your workplace in such a way that you can work as productively as possible. After work and on the weekend, however, the following applies: Stay away from the office at home.


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  1. Take a real lunch break


If you work in the office instead of at home, your lunch break is probably sacred. You meet up with colleagues for lunch or take a walk together. These rituals are often lost in the home office. Do yourself a favor and take this deliberate lunch break. Set a blocker in your calendar and use the time during the lunch break to get other thoughts.


  1. Use the right tools and processes


Working in a team in particular is more difficult from home than when you're in the office together. Brainstorming and brainstorming are easier when you can look each other in the eye. In order to avoid frustration and stress here, you and your team should work with online tools that were developed precisely for this purpose: There are numerous programs and cloud solutions that have been developed for collaborative work. So you can make changes in real time, exchange ideas and drive creative processes forward.


  1. Plan after work activities


Everyone needs balance - especially when working remotely. In the morning, think about what you would like to do after work. Here, too, the following applies: One of them is best to relax while walking, the next one needs an intensive sports program. You know best what is good for you - and with a plan for the evening, you have something to look forward to. And you will do one thing above all: switch off.