In addition to our diverse selection of different desks for your home office, we of course also offer the right chairs.

From ergonomic to cosmopolite to the space-saving variant, you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your individual home office furnishings with us. 

In this blog we would like to give you an insight into our range and introduce you to our favorite chairs. 


KARE Check Out

The design of the Office chair Check Out by Kare, is inspired by a classic casual wooden armchair, but more comfortable and more suitable for a workplace. 

In addition to its attractive appearance and comfortable interior, it is equipped with five castors and, above all, adjustable in height, which prevents a healthy working posture. 

This makes it more interesting to work in the home office. 

 Labora High Pebble office swivel chair

The padded one Labora High office swivel chair by Kare, is

Kare Labora High

known for its impressive properties: rotatable, tiltable and height-adjustable. The swivel chair in stone gray is infinitely height adjustable by gas pressure spring, rotates 360 degrees and has an individually adjustable rocker function. Labora High also offers super-high backrests, timelessly exquisite designs in a vintage leather look. The resistance of the inclination mechanism of the backrest can be individually adapted to your body needs. Everything you need for ergonomic work in the home office.


Kinko Stuhl Homeoffice

With its different variants and colors, the Kinko chair for a perfect highlight in the home office.

This upholstered chair does not only look good on the desk, but also on the dining room table or in the meeting room.

Choose your favorite cover and the chair legs according to your taste.




Space saving 


Of the Fläpps folding chair from Ambivalenz is 19mm flat, consists of an approximately

Fläpps Stuhl

only 2cm plate and therefore fits into every small niche and corner in your home office.

For that special one Fläpps folding chairl a folding mechanism was developed that makes the chair more stable than most other folding chairs. The only 20mm thick folding chair hides complex technology. An internal mechanism allows the foot and seat sections to slide in and out synchronously with one movement. 

The flexible backrest and the light springs make it Fläpps a surprisingly comfortable seat.

A simple design was involved in the creation of Fläpps a must: clear, symmetrical lines and high-quality material down to the last detail.


You will find many more ideas for designing your workplace in the home office on our Website