The right desk for your home office

With today's blog we are trying to inspire you with various options for your home office furnishings that are not only super practical, but also look great. 
Here are our favorite desks from our range, which can conjure up a flawless home office from any home, under any conditions and wishes. 

Space saving:

FLÄPPS STAATSSEKRETÄRNot everyone has the space and storage space to set up a spacious and comfortable workplace like in an office. You don't even need that.
Because in this case it helps Fläpps State Secretary of AMBIVALENZ.
It couldn't be easier or less. This wall secretary disappears discreetly on your wall thanks to its flat shape and its unobtrusive and simple design.
When the workplace is tight, the flapable Fläpps wall table is the right choice for flexible and space-saving work in your home office.
The also offers a space-saving design Flatmate wall secretary from MÜLLER MÖBELWERKSTÄTTEN.Flatmate
Despite its shallow depth of just 122 mm, it offers maximum quality and functionality with its built-in lighting, storage space for files, power strips and practical storage compartments. 


If you like it to be extra comfortable and also want to take care of your health while working, you should go for the ergonomic ELIOT writing desk invest. Eliot
It impresses with its iconic design and impresses with its smart technology.
The height-adjustable desk is available in 4 sizes and can therefore be used universally. A 3-segment round column contains two powerful motors, whereby the table height can be varied. The table works completely steplessly, smoothly, quickly and quietly and with a safe collision protection. 
So if you like to work standing up to relieve your back, you will use the ELIOT Desk more than satisfied.


Victor SchreibtischIf you place more value on a sense of style and aesthetics in your home office, you should take a closer look at our selection of Harto Desks throw. 
The design convinces with subtle colors, high-quality materials, clear lines and thus has a modern and reserved appearance. 
A nice mix of solid oak and colored metal characterizes the compact and practical "Victor" writing desk out.
There is space for all the necessary utensils in the two drawers below the work surface, so that the spacious work surface does not have to be cluttered with unnecessary items. Honoré Schreibtisch
The chic one writing desk "Honoré", Also from Harto, combines retro style with Scandinavian charm. Made of solid oak, the desk is extremely stable and durable. 
The worktop can be moved and under it there is a niche with cable access. Any office utensils can also be stowed there. 
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