Continue working like in the office - our tips


Working from home is now not just a trend, it has also become an established part of the world of work since the corona pandemic. Working at the dining table is now part of everyday life in many households. 

We'll tell you today how to create productive working conditions despite tight spaces and little space, and how to continue working like in the office.


It is still important to separate everyday private life from everyday work as well as possible.

Everyone is aware that this is only possible to a limited extent in the home office. When working in the home office, it is essential to orientate yourself to your usual office routine.

We therefore recommend creating a clear working atmosphere that guarantees a calm and focused workflow. 

It is important to avoid working from the sofa or bed, because these areas should be used for relaxation in your free time.

Set up an orderly and clear workspace, like in your conventional office, which only offers space for relevant work utensils to avoid distraction. Working from home can be a challenge, especially with a family and children at home. For example, invest in active noise canceling headphones that no longer allow outside noise. 

Not only the structure and order in the workplace is relevant, but also your personal time management. Be disciplined and start at the same time each day. 

So that your home work does not come into conflict with your private life, it is advisable to ideally always end the working day at the same time.

Another tip: dress like you are going to work! This gives you motivation and helps you to focus. 

Last but not least. Take breaks. If you orientate yourself in your home office to your original everyday office life, please also enjoy your lunch break. You deserve it!