What are the prerequisites for meaningful work in the home office?

1. The technology

Functioning technology is essential in the home office. Both a good internet connection and the appropriate end devices must be available. Particular attention should be paid to data security. The company's data protection officer should know how to do this. The end devices - for example laptops or tablets - should meet the requirements of the employee and contain all the necessary tools. Which laptop or tablet you choose is of secondary importance. It is important that employees can communicate and work together with one another. So having the right tools is crucial. The pure chat function is probably no longer sufficient. For this reason, many companies opt for programs in which you can create groups, manage projects, share documents and communicate via the chat function at any time. This makes collaboration easier in every respect - regardless of whether you work from home or in the office.

2. Training of employees

Not only the technology has to work. The employees must also be briefed so that every employee can cope well with the new situation and can work effectively, creatively and with pleasure in the home office.

3. Rules

At the same time, despite flexibility and independence, certain rules should be laid down. A permanent workplace and a self-imposed structure help employees to separate private from business despite working from home - something that also benefits their health. It is not about limiting the flexibility of the employees. After all, the advantages of home office should continue to be enjoyed. Nevertheless, it is recommended that employers and employees find the right balance between trust and structure.


That should be given: "A good and secure Internet connection" The terminals and software solutions necessary for your employees "The tools that are helpful for cooperation" The telephone connection necessary for your business telephony "Training / involvement of employees in order to pick them up directly